Follow these hints and tips for your business and staff, to help you offer the best possible customer service, and give you the best chance of your highest score yet in the Liverpool BID Company Mystery Shop programme

  1. Presentation

That old adage – first impressions still count! Even if your dress code isn’t smart, make sure your staff are well-groomed and look the part

  1. Acknowledge

Always acknowledge your customers on entry. Even if you’re occupied, if you can’t say hi, a nod of the head will suffice!

  1. Greet

Make sure you offer your customers a friendly greeting, and let them know you’re there to help. We don’t need to see sales staff follow customers around, but it’s important to let them know if they need help, you are there

  1. Service with a Smile

Sounds cheesy, right? But staff that appear happy sell more products – fact. So, do your best to always be – or appear to be – happy in your work, and to see the customer in the first place

  1. Attitude

Be patient and empathetic, show the customer that you are interested in them and that you really want to help them find what they want

  1. Ask Questions

Determine your customer’s needs by asking open-ended questions. Don’t just find one product or solution. Ascertain the requirements of the customer and make appropriate suggestions

  1. Listen

Remain interested and attentive throughout the customer interaction. Listen to what they want, if they have any concerns or objections to initial suggestions, and adapt until you can find what they need

  1. Be Knowledgeable

Demonstrate how well you know your products and services. Be an ambassador for your products and brand. And if you don’t know, don’t just say you don’t know…find out from a colleague who does!

  1. Build a Rapport

Chat to customers outside of the subject of what they’re enquiring about. Pick something they might want to talk about and build a relationship with them to make them feel valued as a customer

  1. Add-on and Upsell

Make sure the customer is aware of all products that suit their needs and any complementary products. We’re not looking for ‘pressure-selling’ – there’s every chance that the customer might not have thought of or seen something additional that turns out to be perfect for them.

  1. Close the Sale

Don’t be too British about it and miss the opportunity to encourage the customer to buy! Avoid being be too pushy, but don’t forget, if you don’t make the sale, there’s always another store that will.

  1. A ‘Thankyou’ goes a long way

Always thank your customer, even if they don’t make a purchase. You never know how many times they’ll come back and spend in future, and leaving them with a positive impression when they leave is vital

  1. Invitation to Return

Invite your customers to return – in whatever way you are comfortable with. Saying ‘see you again’ or ‘hope to see you soon’ will make people feel special and welcome to come back again

  1. Town Centre Spirit

Don’t just be a promoter of your own business, be an ambassador for the whole city. If you don’t know much about Liverpool, do some research, and train your staff on the same.

If all businesses are at the top of their game and promote the whole, rather than only their own company, it will help make the entire city a more friendly, welcoming, and ultimately successful place

  1. Make it a positive experience

No matter what the purpose of their visit, make it a positive experience for the customer! Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what would make the visit better for you. Make every overall experience as good as it possibly can be

Tips produced by Storecheckers, the experts in customer satisfaction.

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