A festival of new performances in places you would not expect to see them.

A festival of new performances in places you would not expect to see them.

From 19th to 22nd October, performances can be seen in some very unexpected places in Liverpool

Award-winning Liverpool arts organisation Hope Street Ltd presents the third On the Verge, a unique festival in our city, presenting daring performances of theatre, comedy and dance by the next generation of artists in the north. This is theatre that challenges and re-imagines the theatrical experience.

On the Verge presents work in unexpected spaces, such as a window, a bus, a bar, a karaoke, a football pitch and even under one of the performer’s skirt! It’s new work by emerging artists for culture seekers thirsty for new experiences, as well as for those who wouldn’t normally go to the theatre and would like to try something different.

Most performances will take places in intimate settings; these performances have been created with you, the audience, in mind. From a show for only 6 people at the time, to taking a trip on a bus, to joining a football crowd, there will be something that hopefully will interest you here.

And joining all our emerging talent, On the Verge has invited the multi-award winning Vero Cendoya Dance Company to Liverpool, presenting the UK premier of their exceptional dance theatre performance The Match.

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