We are in a uniquely challenging moment, but the work we have been part of, and the spirit we have seen from our 1,500 BID Levy Payers at this difficult time, is nothing short of inspiring. We are especially proud to be reflecting on the work over the past twelve months.

It has never been more important to have a platform supporting BID Levy Payers across both BIDs to facilitate a smooth recovery for all sectors affected. In the nine months before March, we worked to champion and support our levy payers, with our annual investment of £1.5m into the BID Area.

Through Independents’ Week, our work developing new visions for the Commercial District and for the Retail & Leisure’s Cavern Quarter, along with a hugely successful Christmas campaign, we were excited for a strong future, working together.

The global crisis we all now find ourselves in has meant we are walking a different path.

Our day to day work shifted at the start of the crisis to help provide businesses with a voice and a place of support, as well as, operational support onsite via our BID Police Team, BID Street Rangers and the set up of the city centre operations group. We have helped our levy payers navigate these uncertain waters and secure the support they need to survive.

We have been a champion for our BID Levy Payers, lobbying at a local, regional and national level to identify the help and investment needed, lending our time and energy to campaigns from different industries and sectors.

Bringing together a range of experts and specialists from the vast array of industry in our BID Area has been a vital source of insight and guidance. Pivoting to digital support has been something our levy payers have found useful as they hear from their peers and we share that journey with them on the road to recovery.

Moving forward, partnership and working together will be important like no time before for the benefit of businesses, residents, employees and visitors. As a city, we know that when we share our experience, our knowledge and we pull together, we can succeed. Confidence will be key as we begin to rebuild.

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