We hosted a Business Support webinar on Friday 3 April 1-2pm, with a panel of experts from a range of different specialisms.

Our panel included:

  • Bill Addy, Liverpool BID Company – Providing advice on grants and Government Support
  • Keith Tully & Jason Greenhalgh, Begbies Traynor – Specialising in business support
  • Laura Brown, PR Consultant – Providing Communications Advice
  • Troy Johnson, Griffiths and Armour – Providing Insurance Advice
  • Charles Millett, Morecrofts – Providing Employment Law Support

You can also submit your questions via Twitter using #AskLiverpoolBID or via email info@liverpoolbidcompany.com and we’ll answer them.

You can watch the full webinar above or jump straight to questions that you are interested in below:

By topics and questions

Access to grants

→ My RV is £52,500 and is slightly higher than the granting figure of £51,000. I am really struggling because of the market condition, are there any grants that I can access or is there any way to lower my Rateable Value as this was valued 3 years ago?

→ I rent space inside a building and the owner of the building pays the business rates which are included in my rent. This has been the arrangement for 20 years and have never had any bother. My concern is whether I am able to access any grants because I am not registered on the rates bill as this is paid separately. Do you have any advice on what I can do?

→ A lot of SMEs in service offices who are struggling to get their business rates reference numbers. Do you have any advice on what to do?

→ Are Liverpool BID Company aware of the Growth Platform to help businesses who are in difficulty?

→ How long will I have to wait for the small business grants to arrive?

→ Can I apply for both grants, or just one?

→ I took ownership of a business after 11 March, but the business has existed for the past 10 years. Can I apply for the grants?

Business Support

→ Are there any specials grants or support mechanisms in place to help us (The Guide) continue to deliver this service as effectively as possible?

→ What can businesses do in terms of communications to keep their business alive?

→ How do I apply for business rates reduction?

→ What other advice for businesses can you suggest?

About the BID, BID services and BID Levy

→ What support are the BID providing during this crisis and afterwards?

→ Are the BID Street Rangers in place for cleansing?

→ If the services we receive as a levy payer reduce during the crisis, will the levy payment be reviewed?

→ What information do you have about insolvency and trading loss?


→ My insurance is up for renewal at the end of the month and has gone up significantly from last year, assumingly because of COVID-19. Despite the increase, they are yet to be paying any claims out. Do you have any advice?

→ Additional insurance advice


→ I need to visit my business to ensure the premises are secure and everything is locked up. Am I allowed to do this, or do I need to stay in doors?

→ Are the bollards in Liverpool city centre working as usual? What are the timings?