Boisterous Are Back With Misunderstood?

Liverpool’s new theatre company that is dedicated to producing, developing and nurturing existing and new talent from Liverpool’s BAME communities is back at Liverpool’s Royal Court. Boisterous, run by Miriam Mussa and Maurice Bessman, have partnered up with Positive Impact for their second play.

After the massive success of Bouncers last year, which had a 10 day run in the Studio space followed by two weeks in the main house at the Court, they are producing Misunderstood? written by Barbara Phillips.

Boisterous aims to fill a large gap in the market for theatrical provision from diverse communities in Liverpool.  It will help to encourage more diverse audiences to attend the Royal Court and create a city centre venue which welcomes the whole community.

The cast for the show has been confirmed and Boisterous are delighted to have Winston Branche, Terrell Gellineau, Julian Gill, Jasmine Joel, Shawn John, Vannessa Mae Park and Zain Salim performing.

Miriam Mussa is directing the show with support from Boisterous’ Movement Director Zain Salim. Barbara Phillips and Miriam have worked together before many times.

Ever been in a situation that has got out of hand?

Leila and Nathan are living by their principles and on the breadline. Ritchie’s the big man with the money but Patsy wants more.  Kelly’s after the high life and Peter’s left counting the cost.

Set in Liverpool amid business, debts and designer dresses. The story of three sisters and their partners who can’t communicate and risk losing it all.  Women talk to women and men talk to men. Maybe if they talked to each other they wouldn’t be so misunderstood?

Following the success of Bouncers, Boisterous have combined with Positive Impact for their first show of 2019. Barbara Phillips’ play is full of original music, comedy, intrigue and deception…

Miriam Mussa, Producer and Director of the show, is looking forward to getting the show on stage:

Misunderstood? was first shown at the Everyman in 2005. It has been great to work with Barbara again and showcase a streamlined version specifically for the studio space. She has written something funny, thoughtful and with some great original music.”

The show contains some strong language and the recommended age limit is 16+.

To find out more about Boisterous click here.

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