British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) for Q1 2019

The fieldwork for the BCC Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) for Q1 2019 has begun and will run until Monday 11th March.

The QES is the largest and longest-running business survey in the UK and is a powerful tool for representing the voice of business to Government. To retain its reputation as a reliable economic indicator and a powerful tool for lobbying, it is vital as many businesses as possible respond to it and we would really welcome your support, not only in completing the survey but also in promoting to any of your contacts in other organisations.

The survey takes around 2 minutes to complete and can be accessed here.

At the national level, it’s a leading indicator – often picking up big changes in the economy long before other surveys or official statistics:

  • The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee uses the QES as one of its key benchmarks when setting interest rates.
  • HM Treasury and the independent Office for Budget Responsibility use the QES to put together their forecasts for the UK’s economic performance.
  • The European Commission uses the QES to assess the health of the UK economy.

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