Casa Italia…Pizza, Pasta and no more Queues…(Hopefully)

Casa Italia, the original Italian pizzeria, are 43 years old and have recently been voted best restaurant in Liverpool 2019! They’re trying to get you into their restaurant, with the help of their new Kickstarter project!

Casa Italia are looking to raise £100,000 in just 20 days and they need your help! Read their story below:

“So we really weren’t planning to crowdfund for this and work has already begun on the building. But having been supported for the best part of three decades by our loyal customers, we wanted to do something a bit special.

What is Casa Italia?

“A 43 year old Italian Pizzeria, nestled on a quiet street in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre. An authentic, bustling restaurant that has become a Liverpool institution. (Just ask the local cabbies!)” – Liverpool Local

Casa Italia was established in 1976 and has been in the same Italian family for over three decades. It’s known locally as “The Casa” and has been serving the wonderful people of Liverpool for three generations.

Most popular dishes: 

1. Lasagna
2. Pollo al Forno
3. Pizza Francescana
4. Cannelloni

We’re a family friendly, casual dining, full service restaurant and we’ve won some pretty amazing accolades over years. Most recently, we won TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame, gaining an overall excellent rating consecutively over the last five years. Our head chef Gregor was picked amongst the best chefs at the Liverpool BID Company Chef’s Jacket event 2019, we have been chosen two years in a row as a Diner’s Choice award by OpenTable and of course we have won Best Restaurant in Liverpool 2019.

A little history maybe?

As you may or may not know, the Casa Italia is a busy little restaurant, and it has been since the 70’s. Over the last few years however, it’s really started to boom. This may be down to the third generation of Campolucci-Bordi taking over and injecting some fresh blood into the business, but it could also be down to the rise of the true Independent restaurant again and not to forget we just won BEST RESTAURANT IN LIVERPOOL 2019. The queues are down the street most nights and trying to get in on a weekend is like trying to… never mind, you get the idea. So we’re now doing an extension to try and fit all you lovely people in!

Whats the plan?

So after 43 years we’re finally doing an extension to the main restaurant. We’ve had a chat with our neighbours and luckily the old Elenor Rigby breakfast room next door was available, so we snapped it up and we’re going to create an intimate little space with three large full length windows big enough for around 40 people.

Most evenings our queues can be 30+ people having to stand and wait, so theoretically, we could eliminate the queue altogether – No waiting around in the rain!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for £100,000 to get the entire extension done and another extension to our main kitchen downstairs. However, if you’re a Casa regular then all we’re basically asking is for you to pre-pay for your meal!

This is because If you pledge £20, you actually get a £20 gift voucher to spend in the restaurant. Not only that, you get entered into the draw for a very special Casa Italia Black Card (read more about this below).

If you spend £50 you get a £50 voucher and your name on the pledge wall, this is going to be a beautiful little custom made tile with your name printed on it. We‘ll have a whole wall (or two) with everyone’s names on as a big thank you for your pledge.

We do have one more pledge option, its a big one, but we think its rather special: 

If you pledge £1000 you will get our very first Casa Italia Black Card. This is a specially made card that gives the holder free meals for one whole year. It also gives you guaranteed booking slots for two people on weekends. It’s insane.

If you love the Casa Italia, you’re going to love the Black Card. There’s only 10 of these cards available and they will all be assigned to an individual.

It’s limited to a value of £30 for each visit and can only be used once per week. That does not include alcohol (for legal reasons). You are able to use them at any time within the 12 months.

We may issue them again next year but there will never be more than 10 available and the people that buy them now will get the first opportunity to renew them after the 12 month period.

Risks and challenges

Thankfully we have already secured the site and have started work, the main restaurant is still in operation so there is no risk involved.”

More details about Casa Italia and their Kickstarter project can be found here.

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