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Are you a self-made millionaire who founded a successful UK based company after migrating here?
Do you understand what it takes to make it in business?
Could you mentor others?  

Migrants who move to the UK are three times more likely to become a millionaire than people born here. So what do they have which the British born population doesn’t? What can they teach us about business?

ITV Shiver are making a film for Channel 4 and want to speak to self-made millionaires who came to the UK with nothing and went onto create highly profitable businesses. Whether you migrated here decades ago or much more recently.

In their film, one of Britain’s most successful and wealthy immigrants will temporarily replace some of their best performing staff members with a group of unemployed people, primarily from the local area. They’ll offer them work experience in an attempt to prove to them there’s a better life available if they can work hard enough.

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