City chief spells out need for city region investment strategy

northern powerhouse

The chief executive of Liverpool city council has told the UK’s largest property conference that businesses and cities must work together if they are to compete for global investment.

Speaking at the Northern Powerhouse seminar at Mipim UK, organised jointly by Liverpool and Manchester, Ged Fitzgerald said the north has an “incredible opportunity” to combine its collective strengths to attract inward investors.

Mr Fitzgerald said “The north is awash with excellent brands, very talented people and well-defined, characterful places; we have an incredible opportunity to harness those strengths for the collective good. The north is the solution, not the problem.“

He also argued for different public-private sector partnerships in each city region to make investment decisions together to redress the regional imbalance.

He added “Manchester has led the way in terms of growth, so it’s essential Liverpool, along with other cities, keep pace, which requires an integrated economic investment strategy for the city region.

“We are well on our way to achieving that, but we must continue to think collectively and globally if we are to achieve our enormous potential.“

Liverpool city council is holding a special public meeting at the Town Hall on Thursday, 19 November to debate the devolution deal for the city region before it goes to Government.

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