Commercial waste Service AdviceThe Liverpool BID Company are pleased to offer a no-obligation advice service to members that can look at all aspects of Commercial Waste provision and help members understand where savings or service improvements could be made.

This service is offered to all members, regardless of which contractor you use. Through a detailed tender process and negotiation on behalf of the BID’s 1,500 levy payers the following benefits are available exclusively for BID members from Veolia.

Exclusive deal for Liverpool BID members from Veolia including:

  • Overarching contract terms
    You’ll get the benefit of a contract similar to those of large companies, but personal to your business – you will receive a service guarantee, no price increase without prior consultation and the ability to end your contract without penalty if the BID deem Veolia to have under-delivered.
  • No hidden costs
    The BID company have no commission agreement with Veolia, meaning there are no costs to be passed on to you as members. ‘Duty Of Care’ administration charges will also be removed from the agreement.
  • Better weight allowances
    BID members who are signed up through this scheme have the benefits of better standard weight allowances on their services. As standard, this would be 65kg for a 1100ltr container.
  • A responsibility for best practice
    Both Veolia and the Liverpool BID Company will continually monitor, evaluate and review all aspects of service provided to BID members. Both will also be in regular communication with members, local authority partners and governing bodies to ensure that services are maintained at a high standard.
  • Environmental custodians
    At all times during the partnership, Veolia and the Liverpool BID Company will act as custodians for the environment around the BID area, going the extra mile to keep it to the standard businesses expect – reporting flytipping, monitoring alley gates and offering advice pre-enforcement.

Still in your contract period?

No problem! We will remind you when your notice period is approaching! Simply register your details with the Liverpool BID Company.

For more information contact the Liverpool BID team on 0151 103 2399 or