CSSC Business Bulletin

CSSC Business Bulletin

CSSC (Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications) Business Bulletin. In this issue, we focus on “Three ‘C’s of Autumn” leading up to the festive season. 

C is for Clubs & Crowds

The football season has started, rugby is about to get going and numerous other winter sports are launching into their new season.

Given the current threat level from international terrorism, make sure your club reviews and rehearses its security procedures. The National Counter-terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website offers guidance for crowded places, and has released an informative video for supporters,Know The Game Plan.   The best time to do this was yesterday! The next best time is today!

C is for Climate

Heavy snow in the UK during the 2017/18 winter caused significant disruption for both businesses and individuals. Before this winter gets into full swing, review your adverse weather preparations for logistics and people. Guidance can be found on the Met Office website.

C is for Christmas

Yes, it’s only August, but by 1 September retailers, city councils, small traders and the hospitality industry will be focused on planning Christmas markets, company Christmas ‘dos’, ice rinks and more. Prepare now for increased footfall requiring diligence in security and anti-fraud preparations to ensure your business enjoys a smooth lead up to the festive season.

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