Get onto the Workplace Wellbeing Charter

healthatwork2The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is an opportunity for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the health and well-being of their workforce.

The positive impact that employment can have on health and wellbeing is now well documented. There is also strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can reduce sickness absence, lower staff turnover and boost productivity – this is good for employers, workers and the wider economy.

Organisations of all sizes can use the Charter standards. The entry level has been developed as a baseline for all businesses to achieve and acts as a useful checklist for smaller organisations to ensure legal obligations are met. The criteria for small businesses should not involve significant financial investments, and there are lots of free resources and guidance.

Health@Work, based in the Commercial District BID, are able to help businesses register for this charter, and support them achieving their aims of supporting their workforce’s wellbeing.

You can download their brochure for more information here.

You can also view the national website for the charter here.

For more information contact Health@Work:

Email: or call 0151 236 6608
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