Hope Street Ltd's 30th birthday - Final Party

A political satire about not-saving the world

Just like the sea level, a new political party is rising, and they have their own ideas about Climate Change.

N.O.P.E. (New Organisation for Progressive Earth) has been lurking in the shadows for years, but now they are ready to make it to the big arenas and they want your vote. Climate Change…? Bring it on! Our party will make Earth great again.

Join our theatrical party conference and hear what we have to say:

“The future is coming, whatever the weather”

Riotous, fun and inadvertently relevant, Climate Change is Rubbish is a multi-displinary show with videos, street theatre, original music and much, much more.

Our ‘politicians’ will first rally the streets:

7th July in Birkenhead

14th July in Huyton

21st July Liverpool Pier Head (opposite the LiverBuilding

(All the street performances are free, and will count with the intervention of local community groups)
We will end up with the much anticipated ‘party conference’ (final performance)
26th and 27th July – Hangar 34

This is Hope Street Ltd’s final show after 30 years of providing training, guidance and support to emerging artists in Liverpool. We close with ADAPT (Artist Development And Performance Training). The emerging artists taking part in ADAPT have been working with many of our alumni to create this show as well as with a total of eleven local community and youth groups.

If interested in purchasing tickets for Hope Street’s Final Performance, Please Find The Link Below.

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