How safe is Liverpool city centre?

PInsp Neal Arrowsmithublic safety is a major priority for the BID Company and, of course, Merseyside Police.

From the BID levy funded St Johns Cops Shop and Crime Alert Scheme to working on tackling shoplifting and aggressive beggars the BID Company has a proud track record in helping to reducing crime, disorder and anti- social behaviour.

Here Neal Arrowsmith, Neighbourhood Inspector for Liverpool City Centre, provides an update from the front line…

“I’m sure you, like myself, enjoyed the Cunard Three Queens spectacular. It was an unbelievable advert for the city, but we can’t rest on our laurels.

As you know summer is a traditionally busy period in the city centre – with tens thousands of additional visitors to welcome. And to keep safe.

But my first piece of advice is not about the public. I’d like to highlight a recurring theme, namely the continued thefts in staff areas.

I would ask that you remain vigilant within your business and ensure that all valuables are locked away securely, and that access to staff areas is controlled and doors and counters are locked, and only these needing access are granted. Also be aware of techniques where members of your teams are engaged and distracted allowing others to access these areas.

Now this advice stands in relation to a more high profile issue – the recent occupations by the Love Activists, firstly at the former Bank of England building on Castle Street, then the Pier Head, Mello Mello and now Liverpool Cathedral.

Ensuring that you check the security of your buildings and any vacant properties which you may have responsibility for, will greatly reduce the likelihood of something similar happening.

An important addition to the city began on 1 June in Bolton Street opposite Lime Street station, which is the REST (Rehabilitation, Education, Support, Treatment) facility which seeks to address the issue of street drinking in the city centre. At the facility, health agencies will engage with street drinkers by providing support and working with them to reduce their alcohol intake.

They can also access other support services and will be allowed to consume alcohol on the premises whilst being supervised to hopefully change their lifestyle.

The centre will operate every day until 30 September and will be staffed by trained members of The Whitechapel and Basement. High visibility patrolling will complement this operation, directing the street drinkers to the facility and if appropriate conducting enforcement with seizure of alcohol if they refuse to attend.

We now have a Twitter account @MerPolCityCen, and try to tweet daily with good news stories such as arrests, results of operations, details of surgeries where you can attend and speak with our officers and crime prevention advice to name but a few.  Feel free to follow and tweet us and we’ll try to tweet back!”

Meanwhile if you have any questions, please email me at: 

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