Brothers Wez and Lewis Parry are making a name for themselves in the hairdressing world but it’s not only their award-winning skills that are getting them noticed… the Parry brothers are also identical twins.

Identical Twins Take Hairdressing World By Storm!

Wez & Lewis Parry (left to right)

Customers might be forgiven for getting the 26-year-olds confused because these hairdressing superstars have even been known to ‘tag team’ on their models, with Wez cutting and Lewis colouring!

The Parry brothers can now be found at Voodou’s Salon in Bold Street, Liverpool, where they are busy adding to the salon’s awards.  Indeed, both twins have enjoyed awards success, with Wez recently winning Britain’s Best Female Fashion Look at the prestigious National Hairdressers’ Federation Awards.

Originally from Wigan where they began their careers as apprentices aged 16, the Parry twins have recently returned to the UK from Australia where they honed their hairdressing skills at a top salon in Sydney.

As Voodou’s Head of Training, Lewis is now tasked with keeping the team up to date on the latest trends and techniques such as the ever popular balayage – running workshops alongside his twin.  So, what’s it like working together day in, day out?

Lewis says:

“Working with Wez is a dream. We help each other a lot and I’m sure that working together has helped us to develop and improve.  We are both meticulous in our work and have a style which compliments each other.  We regularly ‘tag team’ and collaborate on a model or photoshoot, usually me colouring and Wez cutting!”

Salon Director Wez adds:

“I live, breathe, sleep hairdressing.  I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to cutting – I think this is why short hair is my forte. Colour that really compliments a person’s facial features and skin tones, for me, is priceless.”

The Parry twins have no plans to slow down anytime soon and were spotted showcasing their skills at Pro Hair Live at the end of February.

Lewis says:

“My ultimate ambition is to get better and better at what I do.  I know eventually I’d want to be an educator full-time.  I love that ‘lightbulb moment’ when a learner gets it!  That’s the most rewarding feeling.”