Independents Day

Independent Liverpool enters its new chapter and we are proud to announce that on the 4th of July we will be launching a new service called ‘Peepl’. To coincide with the launch of our new service we are organising a day to celebrate Liverpool’s independent business sector on the 4th of July. This day of celebration will be known as ‘Independents Day’ – we plan to make our own fireworks. It will last for 1 day and absolutely anybody who walks through the door in participating venues will receive 10% off. This is a chance for independents to say thank you to regulars, for newcomers to experience the real Liverpool and for an all round celebration of our independents. For one day we want everyone in Liverpool to go out and shop local in the hope that it will make them want to do it the other 364 days of the year.

Peepl is a city guide without the map or compass which brings you and the best independents together by way of one-off daily deals and inspiring website content. Both Peepl and Independent Liverpool’s sole focus is to get people to experience the independents that give our city character. Funny how many of us go travelling all around the world, yet how often do any of us take the time or trouble to do our exploring closer to home? Sadly, convenience controls our shopping habits but for this one day we are urging people to make that extra effort to support local businesses.

We have over 100 fantastic independents giving 10% off for the day but we want you to support every independent you can. We want queues out the door for restaurants. We want butchers to run out of steak. We want pumps to run dry in local pubs. We want bakers covered in flour. We want baristas roasting their beans like never before. But most importantly we want you to go out and fall in love with the unique and wonderful independents our city has to offer, and to make you realise how much better this choice is.

See you on July 4th. We’ll make our own fireworks.

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