Join Culture Liverpool in celebrating VE Day!

Seventy five years ago on 8 May, victory was declared in Europe to end World War 2. At the time, spontaneous parties and celebrations took place across Europe as people celebrated the long awaited news they had wished for. The people of Liverpool also celebrated, as the most bombed city in Britain outside of London, there was a lot to celebrate and this year, 75 years on, Culture Liverpool want to celebrate once again and show that unique Scouse spirit to the world!

During lock down we might not be able to dance in the parks or throw street parties but we can celebrate and commemorate the day at home – from war time recipes, songs and dances as well as activities to enjoy in the safety of your home, there’s plenty to do to enjoy VE Day 75 Celebrations. You can get involved with:

  • Window Displays: Show your support and display bunting at home, residential setting and/or business. You can download official bunting designs and print it off at home – stick it up to enjoy that feel good party vibe! There are a range of posters for you to download your favourite and display in your window to show your support. You can even download a blank design and create your own celebratory poster to display – don’t forget to share your designs and photos with us on social media.
  • Music: During WW2 people would often listen to music on the wireless (radio) – it was not just a means of entertainment but was a way of uniting people with positive lyrics and upbeat rhythms. Popular singers of the time included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby. English Heritage have a Spotify playlist – why not play some of their songs at home? Or download a lyric sheet and sing along?
  • Food: During World War 2 food was rationed including many items we take for granted today. What would your favourite meals be like without butter, sugar, bacon, milk, cheese, eggs or cooking fat? It meant you had to be very creative when it came to cooking meals at home. Despite VE Day, rationing didn’t officially end in Britain until 4 July 1954 (9 years after victory was declared). Why not try making some war time meals at home during lock down? You never know, you might find something you enjoy. English Heritage have a downloadable party pack which has a host of recipes.
  • Share your History: Whether your are home schooling, would like to discover your family history or would like to share your memories – there are a wealth of resources to help you on your historical journey.
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