A Board Application and Guidelines


Advertising Boards, or ‘A’ Boards, are small movable advertising boards commonly seen on footways outside businesses, advertising services or products.

As these boards are located in the public realm, their physical presence impacts on all highway users and if placed in inappropriate locations they can be inconvenient or hazardous to the public, especially those with disabilities.

The Council aims to encourage business growth and understands businesses need to advertise and therefore supports the appropriate use of ‘A’ Boards. The Council, however, also requires that the public realm is accessible for all and that barriers to accessibility are removed or mitigated.

The Council has adopted guidelines to provide a clear framework whereby a business can apply for permission to place an ‘A’ Board on a footway. This permission will be based on the criteria set out below, which address the suitability/ nature of the location and the management of ‘A’ Boards by the business.

In adopting the ‘A’ Board Permission and Management Guidelines the Council aims to make all areas of the city clean, vibrant, accessible and safe.

Useful documents to download:

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