Merseyrail Corporate Season Ticket Scheme

Merseyrail’s Corporate Season Ticket Scheme enables businesses to pay up front for their employees’ annual season tickets which staff then pay the loan back through their monthly salary.

The scheme is free for businesses to join and enables staff to benefit from the cost savings associated with an annual season ticket, with the flexibility of paying monthly. The annual pass is the equivalent of buying ten monthly passes, so staff travel for two months for free!

Some businesses already offer this as a staff benefit. However, joining the Merseyrail scheme enables businesses to avoid the time-consuming admin involved with paying individually for each ticket. Instead, Merseyrail will invoice your business each month for any passes claimed during that time.

Through the scheme, Merseyrail also sell Trios (bus, rail, ferry) and point-to-point rail passes for people travelling in from outside the Merseyrail network (e.g. if someone travelled daily from Preston to Lime Street they would still be able to redeem a pass through the scheme).

There are many benefits of joining, for both businesses and their staff. Please contact Zoё Thirsk, Business Partnership Manager at Merseyrail here for more information.

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