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Opportunities and benefits for Liverpool BID Levy Payers

New to the BID? Experienced BID Levy Payer? One way or another, it is always good to review that you are making the most of being part of a network of 1,500 BID Levy Payers in Liverpool and making fully use of all the opportunities and benefits that we offer.

Did you know that we offer benefits and opportunities worth over £5,000?

  1. Book one of our prime sites in Liverpool city centre and promote your business to thousands of people four times a year for free, worth £4,800.

  2. Use the BID boardroom in our office on Lord Street four times a year for free, worth £800.

  3. Share your news, offers and events with us and we will amplify the message across our website, social media platforms and e-blast, worth £400 per post.

  4. Share our free well-being activities with your employees.

Review the current opportunities:

These are just some of the benefits and current opportunities of being a Liverpool BID Levy Payer.  Ensure that you:

Attend the BID Forums
What we do