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Liverpool BID Company - BID Police Team

BID Police Team

What is it?

Your BID levy funds 2 BID Police Officers (full-time Merseyside Police Officers – in addition to regular scheduled police rotas) who work directly from the BID office on Lord Street.  The officers work across the BID areas seven days a week.

Want to find out more about the BID Police Officers? Find out about PC Dave here and PC Ian here.

The BID Police Officers are part of the BID Safety Partnership which includes:

  • Two BID Police Officers, who provide BID Levy Payers a direct response to enquiries about safety, anti-social behaviour and security issues.
  • Radio Link network with over 130 active businesses to provide reassurance and intelligence sharing,
  • Digital platform DISC which allows intelligence sharing across businesses in the city centre.
  • Radio Link network is linked with the Council’s CCTV (City Watch) through a BID levy funded officer during retail hours on Thursdays and
    on the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Regular Intelligence Sharing Briefings – Watches to discuss safety issues across the districts to highlight upcoming opportunities with BID Levy Payers. There are bespoke Watches for Betting Shops, Hotels and Retail Shops.

Who is it for?

This service benefits all BID Levy Payers within the BID areas.

How can BID Levy Payers get involved?

Your BID police officers respond to enquiries about safety, anti -social behaviour and security issues, providing advice and reassurance to businesses.

For safety and environment issues in the BID areas we recommend the useful contacts included below.

Remember to report any incidents and issues to the relevant organisation. The more reports they receive, the stronger our position is to champion your voice and needs.

Download our key contacts leaflet
Download our key contacts leaflet