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Project Description

Cleansing Team

What is it?

Liverpool BID Company has invested £250,000 into a new cleansing team that help brighten and restore BID levy payers’ paving, footways and doorways to their full lustre, along with providing extra cleansing and maintenance services to public areas across the BID.

As part of their usual tasks, the BID Street Ranger look after the alley-gates of different alleys across the BID Areas including the ones on: Back Bold Street, Clayton Lane, off Cases Street, Tyrer Street/Houghton Lane, off Leigh Street and off Richmond Street. You will recognise them by the BID sign on the entrance. 

If you businesses use one of those alleys and you have issues get in touch with the BID Team on info@liverpoolbidcompany.com or 0151 703 2399.

Who is it for?

This service benefits all BID Levy Payers within the BID areas.

How can BID Levy Payers get involved?

For more information, please contact info@liverpoolbidcompany.com