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Mystery Shop AwardsLiverpool BID Company Mystery Shop Awards 2018 (175)

Mystery Shop

What is it?

Did you know your BID Company undertakes an annual mystery shop programme? Each year on our behalf, Storecheckers covertly assess the levels of customer service from 200 BID Levy Payers.

Mystery shopping takes place March/April with the awards being held in May. Following the ceremony, businesses are invited to receive one to one feedback from the mystery shoppers, when you will have the opportunity to discuss results and explore any areas for improvement.

Who is it for?

Retailers, hospitality and leisure businesses along with accommodation and service providers.

How can BID Levy Payers get involved?

BID Levy Payers are mystery shopped at least once over the 5-year cycle of the BID. Please get in touch with us if you feel your businesses should be mystery shopped in the next mystery shop programme.

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