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Project Description

Liverpool BID Griffin and ArgusProject Argus and Griffin training

What is it?

In partnership with Merseyside Police and Resilience Liverpool, we are proud to offer Project Argus and Project Griffin.

Project ARGUS (Counter Terrorism training for Managers): This half-day training course examines what preparation your business should have in place (in case of an attack), how to plan for an incident, what procedures you need and what response to expect.

Project GRIFFIN (Counter Terrorism training for Employees) This half-day training course covers what to do in the event of an attack in the City Centre, what procedures are in place, how to respond in the most appropriate way and what to expect as a member of staff.

Who is it for?

All BID members

How can BID members get involved?

Check out the next upcoming dates for Project ARGUS and GRIFFIN below.

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