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Commercial District BID 2016-2021 Renewal Ballot

Our story so far…


The BID Company is running a renewal ballot for a further 5 year cycle.


The month-long renewal BID ballot is taking place 15 Feb-17 Mar 2016.


Each business with a rateable value over £10,000 will get a vote.


By law, BIDs need to undertake a renewal ballot every 5 years.


The 2016-2021 renewal ballot will be done by postal vote.


Renewal Ballot timeline & information

The ballot will be conducted entirely by post by the Independent Scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services of 33
Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW. Ballot Papers will be sent to those eligible to vote on the Liverpool Commercial District BID for return to them by no later than 5pm on Thursday 17 March 2016.

The person eligible to vote should put a cross (X) in the box of his/her choice. “Yes” to vote in favour of the proposed BID or “No” to vote against. The voter must then sign the ballot paper, write their name in block capitals and write their position in the company or partnership.

Persons eligible to vote in the ballot will be the non-domestic ratepayer listed on the Council’s database for each hereditament (business premise) situated in the geographical area of the proposed BID as at the date of this Notice.

Each person entitled to vote in this ballot shall have one vote in respect of each hereditament occupied or (if unoccupied) owned by them in the geographical area of the proposed BID.

Persons eligible to vote in the BID ballot may appoint someone else to vote on their behalf (for example, if you are going to be away at the time of the ballot). Applications to appoint a proxy must be submitted to Electoral Reform Services at the above address no later than 5pm on Monday, 7 March 2016. An application for the appointment of a proxy must be made in writing and:

a) state the full name and address of the person whom the person entitled to vote (the applicant) wishes to appoint as a proxy;
b) state the address of the applicant’s hereditament or hereditaments;
c) be signed by the applicant; and
d) contain a statement by the applicant that the proxy so named has been consulted and is capable and willing to be appointed.

A proxy appointment may be cancelled by notifying ERS at the address above no later than 5pm on Saturday 12 March 2016.

If a ballot paper has not been received by Friday 11 March 2016 you may apply to ERS for a replacement paper in writing as follows:

a) A letter in hardcopy form along with the appropriate ‘evidence of identity’.
b) A scan of both the letter and the ‘evidence of identity’ attached to an email.
c) A fax copy of both the letter and the ‘evidence of identity’.

The letter should be addressed to The Independent Scrutineer, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW. The letter must be signed by the Eligible Voter and evidence of the voter’s identity must be provided in the form of one of the following:

a) Signed Letterhead for the appropriate company
b) A signed photocopy of the National Non-Domestic Rating Bill for the hereditament
c) A signed photocopy of an item of personal ID such as a Passport or Driving Licence.

Please do not send original copies of ID or Bills.

If you inadvertently spoil your ballot paper in such a manner that it cannot be conveniently used as a ballot paper, please return it to Electoral Reform Services on 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

On receipt of the spoilt ballot paper, Electoral Reform Services will issue a replacement. No replacements can be issued if the spoilt ballot paper is received by Electoral Reform Services later than three working days before the day of the ballot.

If a ballot paper is duplicated and two are returned bearing the same number or barcode both will be void and not counted. Any ballot papers that are returned unsigned, unmarked or that are void for uncertainty will also be void and not counted.
For further information about the 2016-2021 Commercial District BID Renewal Ballot process, please email or call 0151 233 2890.
  • 4 February
    Expect your formal ballot notification (by post)

  • 5 February
    Business Plan Launch event (RSVP here)

  • w/c 8 February
    Expect your copy of the 2016-2021 BID Business Plan (by post)

  • w/c 15 February
    Expect your PINK renewal ballot paper (by post)

  • 29 February
    Take a leap… Vote YES!

  • 17 March, 5pm
    Deadline to return your ballot paper (by post)

  • 18 March
    Announcement of the Commercial District BID renewal ballot result


Continuing the success to 2021: 24 reasons to vote yes

Read the Business Plan

Click here to download the Business Plan

Plug it in…
a connected District

Vote YES for:

  • Superfast broadband
  • Free city centre Wi-Fi
  • Travel forum
  • Green transport plan
  • Healthy work programme
  • Click and collect service

Turn on the lights…
a managed district

Vote YES for:

  • Street washing programme
  • Dedicated police presence
  • Security and counter-terrorism alerts
  • Street lighting programme
  • Green audit
  • Revenue opportunities

Helping hand…
a working district

Vote YES for:

  • Business Service Directory
  • Welcome package for new businesses
  • Seminar and networking programme
  • Relationships with education institutes
  • Mystery shop programme
  • On street Ambassador service

Let it shine…
a promoted district

Vote YES for:

  • Public art programme
  • High impact events programme
  • Footfall and business opportunities
  • A celebrated dining destination
  • Free advertising platforms
  • Seasonal marketing campaigns


Latest updates

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