Clap and Ligh it for the NHS-01

Clap for our Carers are asking the nation to join in with a round of applause to show support for our NHS on Thursday 26 March at 8pm.

Not only this, but buildings all over the UK will also join suit and will be blue-lit to additionally show the nation’s support for the NHS. In addition, professionals in the events and entertainment industry are joining together to prepare a nation-wide illumination of landmarks and historic buildings. We encourage the incorporation of the #LightItBlue and #NHS hashtags in any public or social media communications.

Clap for our Carers:

During these unprecedented times, a round of applause will take place on Thursday 26 March at 8pm to support doctors, nurses and other NHS staff in their hard work during the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s from your front door, garden, balcony, window, living room etc. show your support and appreciation for the NHS who are working to fight this virus and #ClapForOurCarers.

→ Light It Blue: what is happening?

The campaign was inspired by the NHS Clap For Our Carers campaign. Events and entertainment industry leaders wanting to create a simultaneous show of support, are contacting every major building and landmark in the UK to invite them to #LightItBlue.

We are asking every major building in the country to participate on Thursday night. We’re specifically targeting buildings and landmarks with in-house LED capability, in order to adhere to the Government’s critical messaging for everyone to minimise physical contacts.

For city centres and other spaces that have screens – large or small, such as shop windows, we are contacting Business Improvement Districts for their help locally.

To date, we have received confirmation of support from the O2, the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House. We are in discussion with many landmarks and regions of the UK, offering event industry advice and support as needed.

→ Light It Blue: what can you do?

If you are able to encourage others or participate yourselves as landmark owners, we would ask you to do the following :

  • for the night of Thursday 26 March #LightItBlue for facades, external facing programmable screens or any other lighting source that could be seen from outside; and, if so
  • confirm that you will be taking part to , and
  • if you would be willing and able to send images for publicity purposes
  • let know if you need help or want to bounce an idea off our event professionals group.

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