Protect your employees’ eyesight the easy way with Specsavers Employees Eyecare scheme. 

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Business: Specsavers

Address: 76-78 Lord St, Liverpool L2 1TL


Specsavers eVouchers cover all aspects of eyecare for employees and are designed with you in mind. Find out more about how you can protect your employees eyes below:

There are 4 different schemes that Specsavers offers, these are:

→ VDU Eyecare eVouchers (find information and voucher here)
→ Safety Eyewear eVouchers (find information and voucher here)
→ Optical Care eVouchers (find information and voucher here)
→ Premium Club eVouchers (find information and voucher here)

Order your eVouchers here.

The eVoucher system
The eVoucher system allows employers to control who within your business has access to order and to issue eVouchers. All eVouchers can be personalised to the individual that they are being issued to, should you wish to record this. Employers can add the employee’s name, employee number and cost centre for your own internal tracking purposes. eVouchers can be issued via email, straight to your employees, or you can print the eVoucher and distribute these in the traditional way.

The eVoucher system allows daily reporting. You can see which employees have used their eVoucher, which employees are still to use them, and the outcome. You can also track the optometrists’ recommended retest dates.

For the employers:
1. Decide which eVouchers your business requires
2. Place your order online
3. On receipt of payment, receive the eVouchers and distribe to employees

For your employee:
1. Receive eVoucher from employer
2. Book appointment online or by phone
3. Present eVoucher prior to the eye test

Specsavers will then take care of all the administration from then onwards and there’s no admin charge. Any unused eVouchers will be replaced or refunded, provided you contact Specsavers up to 60 days after the expiry date.


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