Take part in Liverpool’s Fairtrade Fortnight

fairtrade fortnightLiverpool was accredited Fairtrade City status in March 2004 and continues to work alongside the Fairtrade Foundation to support farmers and workers in developing countries to get a fairer price for what they produce. 

Fairtrade Foundation’s annual promotional campaign, Fairtrade Fortnight, runs from 29th February- 13th March 2016, and the Liverpool City Fairtrade Steering Group challenge you, as an establishment within our city, to come up with a creative way to raise awareness and upsell Fairtrade in Liverpool. When we say Fairtrade, we are not just talking about products with the Fairtrade Foundation logo, we are talking about fair trade as two words. We encourage anything that endorses ethical trade in general.

This can be done in a number of ways, for example;

  • If you already stock Fairtrade products;
    • promote them heavily over the Fortnight- via social media, signage, discounts etc.
    • hand out free samples- could set a blind comparison test with a Fairtrade and a non-Fairtrade product
    • introduce another FT product, even if just for the fortnight- sell as a limited time only product e.g. T-shirt made with ethically sourced cotton
  • Create a special item, e.g. a ‘Fairtrade Smoothie’, made with only Fairtrade ingredients and upsell on ‘specials’ boards
  • Create a Fairtrade Afternoon Tea e.g. Fairtrade tea/coffee and a slice of cake made from Fairtrade ingredients
  • If there is a high demand for Fairtrade products during the Fortnight, you could consider continuing to stock them if you don’t already
  • Encourage staff to shop ethically or host their own Fairtrade breakfast

Make your staff and customers aware that by purchasing these products, they are doing their bit to help farmers and workers in developing countries earn a fair wage for what they produce.

Also, this is a great way to not only promote ethical trade but also to promote your business.

We will be encouraging people of the city to actively go out and buy Fairtrade produce and to share their experiences over social media, referring to the establishment they purchased it from, along with the hashtag #LivFairtrade.

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation’s website to find out more: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/current-campaigns/fairtrade-fortnight-2016

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