Top Tips from Liverpool BID Police Team to prevent opportunistic thefts

As part of our BID Safety Partnership, the BID Police Team are on-hand to give all BID Levy Payers advice and reassurance for any issues, queries or questions that they may have. In addition, our BID Police Team are able to give BID Levy Payers a direct response to any enquiries about safety, anti-social behaviour and securities.

PC Carol and PC Dave currently make up the BID Police Team and are levy funded Merseyside Police Officers. They have recommended that BID Levy Payers take precautionary measures and have given tips for BID Levy Payers to keep in mind to help prevent the threat of opportunistic theft within Liverpool city centre.

Speaking to PC Carol and PC Dave, they have suggested that BID Levy Payers:

1. Secure all staff areas:
Make sure that all staff areas and vulnerable items are always secured and locked away.

2. Change codes and pins:
Regularly change all codes and pins to ensure maximum safety and security; this can be done on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. This includes codes for doors, lockers, safety boxes or anything that contains valuable items.

3. Keep exits closed:
When you leave a room, double check that the exit is closed! A simple mistake could be costly. This also goes for all other vulnerable areas within your business

4. Target hardening:
Consider improving CCTV and alarm systems within your business. This can also include improving the lighting within your business and improving your locks.

5. Challenge suspicious behaviour:
Simply asking “can I help you” or questioning suspicious or odd behaviour could be enough to deter any potential thefts.

6. Be cautious of valuable items on show:
Try and avoid having high valued items on view during opening times as this could potentially alert thieves/burglars.

7. Use visual deterrents:
Having visible deterrents on show within your business (whether they work or not) in vulnerable areas could be enough to deter opportunistic thieves. The element of doubt could be enough.

8. Be conscious of tailgating:
Ensure that nobody follows you into secure areas or that nobody is behind you watching you input any secure codes.

9. Be aware of alternative entrances/exits:
Fire doors can act as an entrance into your business. These are the most used method of entry for opportunists.

10. Always report:
No matter if it’s as minor or as trivial as you may think, sharing what has happened is vital to let others know and for police to deal with the incident. You can report any issues to us here at Liverpool BID Company, but if it is an emergency always ring 999.

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