Liverpool BID Company Twitter Business Q&A

What should I be doing right now for my business? How do I find out about sick pay? Is my business eligible for a loan? What’s the advice on crime prevention? 

Businesses in Liverpool have a lot of questions right now. To help, Liverpool BID Company is holding a Twitter Business Q&A 1-2pm Friday, 27 March, with a panel of experts from a range of different specialisms, to answer every question you have.

A lot of announcements have been made in a short period of time, and many firms, large and small, have been focused on securing the immediate future, for both themselves and their employees. There is support available, navigating it might need a little help.

It is our day to day job to provide a platform and a voice for business. We work with businesses across sectors, including professional services, creative and digital, retail, leisure and hospitality, so we have a broad spectrum of experience for you to draw on.

Submit your business questions via Twitter using #AskLiverpoolBID and via email and we’ll answer them during the hour. We’ll also write up the conversation and send out via email and on our website. This will be part of a new series of webinars around key topics as business needs change.

Our panel includes:
→ Bill Addy, Chief Executive of Liverpool BID Company – Providing a national overview of support
→ Keith Tully & Jason Greenhalgh, Partners at Begbies Traynor – Specialising in business support
→ Charles Millett, Partner at Morecrofts – Providing legal support
→ Shaun Holland, Head of Operations at Liverpool BID Company – Providing an operations focus
→ Troy Johnson, Development Director at Griffiths and Armour – Providing insurance support

We’ve had direct contact with over 100 businesses in Liverpool in the past week, asking about what they need and what specific support they are looking for. We have been using this to lobby on behalf of business, locally, regionally and nationally.

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